Top Never Have I Ever Questions

“Never Have I Ever” is a popular online game as well made popular by Ellen and other Youtube celebrities. So here is a list of over 100 never have I ever questions for us common folk to play. Let us know what u guys think of the game. Show us your best questions never have I ever to add to our new card game.
never have i ever questions

Categories include – clean, dirty, adult, kids, teenagers, drinking games and many many more.

How to play the drinking game

Ask the first question, “Never have I ever…”, Whoever has done this has to drink a shot. Even who asked the question has to drink if they have done the statement. Then the next person asks their question. Keep this going around until you are all drunk except the virgin in the group. But even with these questions, they will have to drink.

Some of their example Questions are available here:

Never Have I Ever Dirty Questions

  • Never Have I Ever Gotten Dehydrated during a Session
  • Never Have I Ever Named a Location After a Session
  • Never Have I Ever Touched Myself to a Youtube Video
  • Never Have I Ever Done it with a Family Member in the Same Room
  • Never have I ever shaved my partner’s pubic hair.
  • Never have I ever put a thumb in it.
  • Never have I ever fell asleep watching erotic content.
  • Never have I ever done it in the back of a pickup truck.
  • Never have I ever slept with twins
  • Never have I ever had an STD scare!
  • Never have I ever given/received a lap dance
  • Never have I ever stalked an ex online


And the opposite, Clean Never Have I Ever Questions:

  • Never Have I Ever been in an accident
  • Never Have I Ever cleaned out a car that was not mine
  • Never Have I Ever Ridden a Horse
  • Never have I ever bought a used item
  • Never have I ever accidentally drank curdled milk.
  • Never have I ever been sneezed on.
  • Never have I ever stuffed myself with noodles.
  • Never have I ever made an embarrassing video.
  • Never have I ever been detained in a class.
  • Never have I ever slipped on a banana peel.
  • Never have I ever tried a Vegan Burger
  • Never have I ever peed in a bottle.


Good Never Have I Ever Questions

  • Never have I ever acted like Michael Jackson.
  • Never have I ever eaten bugs.
  • Never have I ever composed poems for someone who you love.
  • Never have I ever hit someone unnecessarily.
  • Never have I ever messed with the watchman.
  • Never have I ever ran across the road to avoid a car
  • Never have I ever stole anything from a restaurant.
  • Never have I ever bought a designer pair of shoes.
  • Never have I ever been on TV or on the radio
  • Never have I ever been influenced by my peers
  • Never have I ever played while taking a shower.
  • Never have I ever been electrocuted.


Icebreaker Never Have I Ever Questions

  1. Never have I ever eaten rabbit
  2. Never have I ever liked Apple (the company)
  3. Never have I ever eaten an ant
  4. Never have I ever been arrested
  5. Never have I ever cursed someone in a non-native language
  6. Never have I ever been in the hospital
  7. Never have I ever laughed till I threw up (you just might not remember)
  8. Never have I ever been skydiving
  9. Never have I ever ran and fell with groceries
  10. Never have I ever ridden a motorcycle
  11. Never have I ever played Never Have I Ever
  12. Never have I ever picked my nose in public
  13. Never have I ever been on tv
  14. Never have I ever farted and blamed it on a pet
  15. Never have I ever played in Snow
  16. Never have I ever bought an electronic device
  17. Never have I ever been shocked by electricity

If u enjoyed the game feel free to play the Never Have I Ever App. This is one of the coolest ways to pass the time while enjoying ourselves with friend and family.


The ability to relate to your organization’s publics is directly connected to your ability to listen to them.

There is a lot of pressure, and rightfully so, for non-profit and public sector organizations to have a presence on social media networks. And while I believe that the best way to understand the social media space is to just start using it, for the uninitiated this can feel like a daunting and at times a very noisy task.

The ability to have conversations in real-time through networks like Twitter or to share your day-to-day movement through location-based networks like Foursquare has fundamentally changed the way we communicate and interact. Yet at the same time, the sheer number of social networks available, combined with an increasing number of individuals and organizations using these networks, has created an overwhelming volume of information being shared.

One of the potential problems of expanding communication and PR efforts to multiple social networks is that it creates yet another channel to monitor, listen to and engage with. For some, technological immersion may mean a technological deluge.

Yesterday I took the time to review the conversations I was listening to on Twitter and came to a rather surprising realization – I wasn’t listening very well to any of them. The reason that I wasn’t listening very well to these conversations was that I was listening to too many.

I imagined a room full of the 300 people I was following on Twitter all having conversations at once. In a room full of too much noise we aren’t able to listen very well. Social networks and other online spaces are no different.

When social networks become too cluttered or overwhelmingly noisy they loose the thing that makes them attractive. The noise creates confusion, the confusion leads to frustration, and rather than using these networks to socialize, we start to withdraw.

Sometimes the most effective way to listen, and in turn become more effective in relating to your publics, is to reduce the noise and information filtering through these online streams. This may be especially true of social networks like Twitter where you can actively control who you listen to. However, a brief word of warning – be careful not to alienate your supporters. If you have built up a Twitter following by following others you may receive some backlash if you start purging your account.